Clash of Clans: 10 tips you need to know

The enthusiasm for the strategy and build-up app Clash of Clans is unbroken. Many players have been around for several years and new players are coming. For all those who start the game, we have compiled the best Clash of Clans tips that you should know in any case, if you want to be one of the great Clashers.

Clash of Clans is one of the great successes in the Google Play Store. The Free2Play game with possible in-app purchases from Supercell generates several million dollars a day. The mix of building strategy and multi-player keeps many players at bay, but it takes part of years to get it into the higher levels and leagues in the circle of top players. With no patience and high frustration, you are very vulnerable to the in-app purchases, and some players actually sink into the game.

10 Clash of Clans Tips

In the end, you should set a good two years – if you do not want to fall victim to an in-app purchase – until you have expanded your base and troops so that you can play at the top. If this takes you too long, you really have to invest real money, but the fun is really very expensive. In addition, you should refrain from using a clash of clans hack.These cheats do not work and just bring you trouble.

Tip 1: Be patient and save gems

Gems are the currency with which you can advance the course of the game or your development. With gems you can:

  • Fill resources.
  • Elixir collectors, elixir drills and goldmines.
  • Unbalance resources for improvement and construction projects.
  • Buy protective shields.

There are different ways to generate gems within the game:


  • Gems boxes.
  • Clean up, so eliminate trees, shrubs and mushrooms.
  • Achievements.

From cheats, which promise you clash of clans free gems, you should rather leave your fingers. On the one hand, Supercell has no understanding of these illegal activities on your account and will block it quite quickly if they are aware of it, and on the other hand, viruses, trojans or other malware are often hidden behind such offers.

But if you diligently clean up the gems and use them carefully – that is, set clear priorities – you can do well, and you can even make a production slump or a development from time to time.

Tip 2: Trophy hunters or farmers ?! Goals in the game

In essence, there are three strategies to tackle the game:

  1. Farms to get as many resources as possible.
  2. Get trophies and climb into the leagues.
  3. Advance both equally.

There is no set-up in the game, so you need to concentrate. You can freely decide in which way the game will bring you the most fun. For many, it is fundamental to work on bringing the village to the maximum limits, ie, to raise all the troops and buildings to a maximum, others want to become the greatest hero of the best league and it is also very attractive to focus on completing the To build up achievements, which also add gems to you by the way. Since the big December update, the farms have unfortunately become a lot more difficult. Since you can constantly rebuild your base, you have ample opportunity to try out different strategies.


Tip 3: Protect the town hall & not upgrade too early

The Town Hall is the most important building in your village. If it is destroyed by the enemy, this has won. In addition, the number of buildings and their maximum level depends on the city hall. To elevate the town hall is very interesting from this point of view, but if you want farms, you should bring all the other buildings to their highest levels before improving the town hall.


Tip 4: Build you a good village

The village layout determines your success. With the editor you have a good tool to try out different bases. On YouTube, you’ll find countless examples of good bases, but it’s also fun to make your own build-up attempts and test the success.

  • Some pack their resource stores in the middle of the base and the town hall to the outside. The hope is that the attackers first work out at the town hall and then hardly get any resources. Be the last update, but you have to accept this strategy, that also lost some resources from the city hall.
  • For others, the town hall is the center of the village, located in the center and enjoys the highest protection. So you lose less trophies, but more resources.
  • The walls offer no protection from all troops, but they are nevertheless important elements of defense. You always have a bit too little of them and they will be more expensive with each level – the ghosts will split up whether it is worth bringing them to the maximum.


Tip 5: Protect elixirs in your absence

If you are not online, you will be attacked. Therefore, you should pay attention to the state of your resources and, in case of doubt, spend your treasures before they are stolen. You can even get the elixir very secure when you put your troop production into the queue. As soon as the armadoodle is full, you can still produce troops and the elixir is also deducted. But you can dismantle this queue at any time and get the elixir back.


Tip 6: Use your shield!

If your base is destroyed, you will receive a shield for a certain number of hours depending on the degree of destruction. During this time you can be absent and still not attacked. But if you attack others, the time of your shield will decrease. So it’s best to use the shield time and move your combat loss to later, because then you can use the time optimally for undisturbed resource gathering. If you want a little war, but do not want to destroy your shield, the Kobold villages are the means of choice. In these attacks, you can also gain resources and try out strategies for the offensive. By the way, you get 20 gems for the achievement Snap the Goblins when you win 150 stars in these wars.


Tip 7: Become a member of a clan

As a clan member you can:

  • To participate in Clankriegen.
  • Chat with other clan members.
  • Give each other troops.

Keep troops in your clan castle, which protect your base as an additional defense.You will always receive clan invitations from a certain level, and you can get into the group with one click or you can apply to clans that you find good. If a clan misses you, you can leave with a click again. In the clan wars, you have two attacks, and if your clan wins, you get a great reward.


Tip 8: Use the lab!

In the lab you can improve your troops and you should do that! It is worthwhile in any case, because they then become stronger and bear more damage, which is clearly noticeable in the fight. Time and resources could not be better laid out. You should build and use the lab and the magic factory as soon as possible!


Tip 9: Bring defense, collectors and memory to maximum

Your defense equipment should always be at the best possible level, as you will receive your resources and trophies. Because each development costs either gold, elixir or dark elixir, it is good if you initially focus on these buildings and then improve the defense systems. In principle, before you have conquered the next town hall level, you should have maximized your facilities to the maximum.


Tip 10: Get to know your troops

The higher you get the level of your barracks, the more troops you have to choose from. Later the units of the dark barracks are added. All your troops have exciting special abilities, need different places in the army camp, and generate different costs. It is fun to use these skills and combine the troops differently. Barbarians are the first and easiest troop, but very powerful and resistant. This is followed by the archer, the advantage of which is the ability to fence. Mages, Valkyrie, Pigs and the controversial dragon, or the powerful P.E.K.K.A. unit are just some of the many grandiose fighters you can get to know and use.



Top Eleven tips and tricks


I had presented Top Eleven in a previous article and I said I would uninstall it so much that I found the F2P (Free to play) or P2W (Pay to Win) mechanics abused. This has been done since my article appeared. Yes, I am a man of speech. Nevertheless, I was not going to take to the grave the tricks and tricks that will save you more tokens, and so, maybe win more games. Nevertheless, in this kind of game, there is no secret. Either you use hacks, you pay, or you pass your personal information to everyone. Personally, I did not want to use any of these methods so I found some free stuff. Nothing revolutionary. I share them with you:

Before advising you to do this or that, let’s see what we must absolutely avoid doing.

To avoid :

– Bid only on ending bidding. Beyond 5mn, nothing is used to lose a token by bidding. You will never do bargains like on Ebay or at the Wow AH.
– If you see that there are many people on a player, let go of the case … you will find others at another time.
– Do not use tokens to build your buildings faster, or to treat your players.
– Avoid buying players from your training center. This advice is very debatable. But I think you can always find an equivalent player for much cheaper.
– Ravale your pride. When it does not, it does not. Set a tokens amount not to exceed. Better to lose a player for 10 tokens, rather than lose your 20 tokens.
– Avoid the old players. Certainly you will pay cheaper, but you will separate more quickly. Moreover, they will progress too little compared to young people.

Some tips:

– Bid early in the morning. When I had to get up (before 7am) for the job, I could catch very good players paying 1 or 2 tokens only, instead of 8 or 10 in the middle of the day.
– Always bid in the last 3 seconds. Do not be the last to be the best bidder. If someone else is the best, maybe it will not entice you for an extra round or maybe it will have a network breakdown. It has worked many times for me!
– If you have friends, harass them for friendly matches.
– If you have friends, ask them to play a little and sponsor them.

– As soon as you can, do cardio workouts, etc. Your players will evolve more quickly. To prevent them from being punctured, choose training for 2 for the holders, 3 for the substitutes.
– Choose the sponsor who tosses you 1 token per day with a bonus of one every 4 days. It was with this one that I gained the most.

Tips for free tokens
   Here are some usefull tips to get free Top eleven tokens:
– Play videos. Finally, launch them and then put them in the background by mute the sound, in another tab. Do something else at the same time.
– Fill out the forms with a bogus address, and all your cunning coordinates. It works once in 4 more, so shame to have to let go your real news for nothing!
– Create fake Facebook accounts and sponsor yourselves! It’s reprehensible but we do not care.

The margin of maneuver is still limited to win without cheating. That’s all I have to offer. Make it what you want! It’s no longer my business.

Clash Royale Guide: Save or spend gems?

In this article, we want to give all players of the app Clash Royale of Supercell a help with on the way to the arena. You can also use this as a basis for discussion. Since the release and the performance of the game app here, we play the title eagerly and have already made like other players also the one or the other experience. So: The lances and spoons pointed! In our guide to Clash Royale we want to deal with the topic “Gems”. They are finally the currency in the game, which makes winners. So be aware of the emphasis on “currency”. You can also win with a special strategy. But besides an acceleration in the opening of the chests, whether silver or magic, one can also buy success with them. After a short introduction to the Basics, we would like to discuss the topic of free-to-play vs. the basics. Pay-to-win outline. Afterwards practical tips, for which you should spend your green gems.

Clash Royale is a free app for Android and iOS. Quickly downloaded, and after the short tutorial you are immediately in the multiplayer fight. Quickly win the first bouts, still look for a clan and always open the crates beautifully eagerly. However, How was the win? If my opponent suddenly used a card that I have never seen before. Where did he get it?

Gems Basics: At the top right, the player of Clash Royale looks at a gemstone in the typical emerald finish. Typically, the stone is also green. It must be valuable. It is known from almost all construction and strategy games that there is a second currency, which is much rarer and difficult to earn. At Clash Royale the stones are simply called gems. You can earn them in the various chests. In addition, through the current five achievements a handful of free gems can be obtained. More is not.You don’t need to look for cheats that promise you free gems for Clash Royale. Neither Tapjoy or Unity ads are used by Supercell. There are therefore no offerswalls or video offers. Rather, the developer wants you to choose for e.g. 99 Cent 80 of the Gems. Clearly, the price goes up to 99 euros when you buy 14000 of the premium currency for your iTunes or Google Play credit.Also you can get free gems using Clash Royale hack tool online.

So we hold once again: gems are few free in the chests and the achievements. Gems are available in the shop.
Now that we know where to get gems and how they look, let’s look at what you can do with them and whether Clash Royale is doing something unfair.

Clash Royale – Gems bring pay-to-win into the game

Let’s see what you can do with gems everything at Clash Royale and what benefits it brings.

1. Option to spend your gems: On the first screen in the game, the battle menu with the swords, you can already see it: The gems allow the chests to open more quickly. Two hours skip at a Silbertruhe cost 12 gems. I have often spent my gems for it because I was too impatient to wait. Because when all four chests are occupied, another fight is worthwhile, because there is no other Loot. Exception: Key word Open Crown Rest. So you go faster with gems.


2. Possibility for gems: You can also buy gold, the second currency, directly with gems. So you get 1000 gold for 60 gems. For gold, e.g. Buy tickets in the shop directly. However, a truly meaningful epic card costs 2000 gold. For 70 Cent you get a half epic map, like the Anger spell. Well With gold you can also make the improvements of already collected maps. My experience, however, is that you earn enough gold to make the improvements.

3. Shopping: Buy directly treasure chests, which open immediately. For 2500 gems there is on my Arenastufe the super Magic Chest with 2040 – 2550 gold and 306 cards, including 10 epic and 61 rare. Is it worth it? I will not try it, after all costs in real money 20 euros. So you get more maps and that immediately.
When we summarize this, we have three possibilities for the gems. All bring more cards and gold in less time. So you have an advantage over other players. The advantage is even quite large, as you obviously get the chests after a fixed allocation order. So if you buy one of the chests for gems, you have better chances against the “linear players” of Clash Royale. You have to weigh the fact that you get enemies for trophies and not for player level. I’ve often had fights against players who had cards that I did not see in the shop.

Is Clash Royale so Pay-to-Win? Clear. You can still have fun – at the moment. But let’s wait and see how it develops.

Save or spend gems?

Should one save or spend his gems? For example, On the giant or magic riad. With their 300 or 470 gems they are in “savings range”. Patience would pay off in this respect. However, if you open your chests faster and fight more battles, you also have the advantage to earn more gold.

Simcity Buildit Tutorial For Unlimited Simoleons And Simcash On iOS And Android

Simcity Buildit has brought all of the fun, challenge, and excitement of EA’s smash hit Simcity series to smartphone and tablet users, but now you can take your mobile gaming to a completely new level by using Simcity Buildit cheats and hacks to enhance and extend your gameplay.

When it comes to games like Simcity Buildit, anyone who plays knows that more resources mean more fun and a better overall experience. Having an excessive amount of SimCash and Simoleans gives you the freedom to play the game exactly how you want. But although SimcCity Buildit is advertised as a free game, there are in-app purchases that are required if you want to really get into the game.The only problem is that extra SimCash, Golden Keys, and Simoleans cost actual, real-world money. Depending on how much you play and how far you want to go, buying additional resources can put a serious dent in your wallet. Even worse, the game makes it so easy to buy that it is incredibly easy to forget that you are spending your hard-earned money on a mobile game.


Success in Simcity Buildit is dependent on growing and upgrading your city, building specializations, attracting new residents, and keeping your existent residents happy. To do this, you must manufacture materials in order to build all of the various structures—residential areas, stores, and other services—and then wait for them develop. Existing buildings must be upgraded in order to allow the game to progress smoothly—a process that also takes a lot of time. The game uses several different forms of “currency” to facilitate gameplay—Simoleans, SimCash, and Golden Keys. Simoleans are generated by your citizens (thus why a greater population equals more money). SimCash is used to speed up construction and boost your gameplay and can also be converted into Simoleans. You start the game with a small amount of SimCash and more can be gained by hitting City Achievements, but this can be a slow, arduous process. Golden Keys are earned by completing cargo shipments and handling the various disasters that may hit your city. They are used to purchase the coolest premium buildings that can really boost your city’s profile.

With using SimCity Buildit hack tool, you can instantly have unlimited Simoleans, SimCash, and Golden Keys at your disposal—all without spending any of your own money. Speed up construction time as often as you like, unlock the awesome buildings that only the Golden Keys can get you, and upgrade your city to the max.So if you want to make fast progress and enjoy in unlimited Simcity Buildit gems that you need to use hack tool, which can be found on youtube, social media or google.