Top Eleven tips and tricks


I had presented Top Eleven in a previous article and I said I would uninstall it so much that I found the F2P (Free to play) or P2W (Pay to Win) mechanics abused. This has been done since my article appeared. Yes, I am a man of speech. Nevertheless, I was not going to take to the grave the tricks and tricks that will save you more tokens, and so, maybe win more games. Nevertheless, in this kind of game, there is no secret. Either you use hacks, you pay, or you pass your personal information to everyone. Personally, I did not want to use any of these methods so I found some free stuff. Nothing revolutionary. I share them with you:

Before advising you to do this or that, let’s see what we must absolutely avoid doing.

To avoid :

– Bid only on ending bidding. Beyond 5mn, nothing is used to lose a token by bidding. You will never do bargains like on Ebay or at the Wow AH.
– If you see that there are many people on a player, let go of the case … you will find others at another time.
– Do not use tokens to build your buildings faster, or to treat your players.
– Avoid buying players from your training center. This advice is very debatable. But I think you can always find an equivalent player for much cheaper.
– Ravale your pride. When it does not, it does not. Set a tokens amount not to exceed. Better to lose a player for 10 tokens, rather than lose your 20 tokens.
– Avoid the old players. Certainly you will pay cheaper, but you will separate more quickly. Moreover, they will progress too little compared to young people.

Some tips:

– Bid early in the morning. When I had to get up (before 7am) for the job, I could catch very good players paying 1 or 2 tokens only, instead of 8 or 10 in the middle of the day.
– Always bid in the last 3 seconds. Do not be the last to be the best bidder. If someone else is the best, maybe it will not entice you for an extra round or maybe it will have a network breakdown. It has worked many times for me!
– If you have friends, harass them for friendly matches.
– If you have friends, ask them to play a little and sponsor them.

– As soon as you can, do cardio workouts, etc. Your players will evolve more quickly. To prevent them from being punctured, choose training for 2 for the holders, 3 for the substitutes.
– Choose the sponsor who tosses you 1 token per day with a bonus of one every 4 days. It was with this one that I gained the most.

Tips for free tokens
   Here are some usefull tips to get free Top eleven tokens:
– Play videos. Finally, launch them and then put them in the background by mute the sound, in another tab. Do something else at the same time.
– Fill out the forms with a bogus address, and all your cunning coordinates. It works once in 4 more, so shame to have to let go your real news for nothing!
– Create fake Facebook accounts and sponsor yourselves! It’s reprehensible but we do not care.

The margin of maneuver is still limited to win without cheating. That’s all I have to offer. Make it what you want! It’s no longer my business.