Clash Royale Guide: Save or spend gems?

In this article, we want to give all players of the app Clash Royale of Supercell a help with on the way to the arena. You can also use this as a basis for discussion. Since the release and the performance of the game app here, we play the title eagerly and have already made like other players also the one or the other experience. So: The lances and spoons pointed! In our guide to Clash Royale we want to deal with the topic “Gems”. They are finally the currency in the game, which makes winners. So be aware of the emphasis on “currency”. You can also win with a special strategy. But besides an acceleration in the opening of the chests, whether silver or magic, one can also buy success with them. After a short introduction to the Basics, we would like to discuss the topic of free-to-play vs. the basics. Pay-to-win outline. Afterwards practical tips, for which you should spend your green gems.

Clash Royale is a free app for Android and iOS. Quickly downloaded, and after the short tutorial you are immediately in the multiplayer fight. Quickly win the first bouts, still look for a clan and always open the crates beautifully eagerly. However, How was the win? If my opponent suddenly used a card that I have never seen before. Where did he get it?

Gems Basics: At the top right, the player of Clash Royale looks at a gemstone in the typical emerald finish. Typically, the stone is also green. It must be valuable. It is known from almost all construction and strategy games that there is a second currency, which is much rarer and difficult to earn. At Clash Royale the stones are simply called gems. You can earn them in the various chests. In addition, through the current five achievements a handful of free gems can be obtained. More is not.You don’t need to look for cheats that promise you free gems for Clash Royale. Neither Tapjoy or Unity ads are used by Supercell. There are therefore no offerswalls or video offers. Rather, the developer wants you to choose for e.g. 99 Cent 80 of the Gems. Clearly, the price goes up to 99 euros when you buy 14000 of the premium currency for your iTunes or Google Play credit.Also you can get free gems using Clash Royale hack tool online.

So we hold once again: gems are few free in the chests and the achievements. Gems are available in the shop.
Now that we know where to get gems and how they look, let’s look at what you can do with them and whether Clash Royale is doing something unfair.

Clash Royale – Gems bring pay-to-win into the game

Let’s see what you can do with gems everything at Clash Royale and what benefits it brings.

1. Option to spend your gems: On the first screen in the game, the battle menu with the swords, you can already see it: The gems allow the chests to open more quickly. Two hours skip at a Silbertruhe cost 12 gems. I have often spent my gems for it because I was too impatient to wait. Because when all four chests are occupied, another fight is worthwhile, because there is no other Loot. Exception: Key word Open Crown Rest. So you go faster with gems.


2. Possibility for gems: You can also buy gold, the second currency, directly with gems. So you get 1000 gold for 60 gems. For gold, e.g. Buy tickets in the shop directly. However, a truly meaningful epic card costs 2000 gold. For 70 Cent you get a half epic map, like the Anger spell. Well With gold you can also make the improvements of already collected maps. My experience, however, is that you earn enough gold to make the improvements.

3. Shopping: Buy directly treasure chests, which open immediately. For 2500 gems there is on my Arenastufe the super Magic Chest with 2040 – 2550 gold and 306 cards, including 10 epic and 61 rare. Is it worth it? I will not try it, after all costs in real money 20 euros. So you get more maps and that immediately.
When we summarize this, we have three possibilities for the gems. All bring more cards and gold in less time. So you have an advantage over other players. The advantage is even quite large, as you obviously get the chests after a fixed allocation order. So if you buy one of the chests for gems, you have better chances against the “linear players” of Clash Royale. You have to weigh the fact that you get enemies for trophies and not for player level. I’ve often had fights against players who had cards that I did not see in the shop.

Is Clash Royale so Pay-to-Win? Clear. You can still have fun – at the moment. But let’s wait and see how it develops.

Save or spend gems?

Should one save or spend his gems? For example, On the giant or magic riad. With their 300 or 470 gems they are in “savings range”. Patience would pay off in this respect. However, if you open your chests faster and fight more battles, you also have the advantage to earn more gold.