Clash of Clans: 10 tips you need to know

The enthusiasm for the strategy and build-up app Clash of Clans is unbroken. Many players have been around for several years and new players are coming. For all those who start the game, we have compiled the best Clash of Clans tips that you should know in any case, if you want to be one of the great Clashers.

Clash of Clans is one of the great successes in the Google Play Store. The Free2Play game with possible in-app purchases from Supercell generates several million dollars a day. The mix of building strategy and multi-player keeps many players at bay, but it takes part of years to get it into the higher levels and leagues in the circle of top players. With no patience and high frustration, you are very vulnerable to the in-app purchases, and some players actually sink into the game.

10 Clash of Clans Tips

In the end, you should set a good two years – if you do not want to fall victim to an in-app purchase – until you have expanded your base and troops so that you can play at the top. If this takes you too long, you really have to invest real money, but the fun is really very expensive. In addition, you should refrain from using a clash of clans hack.These cheats do not work and just bring you trouble.

Tip 1: Be patient and save gems

Gems are the currency with which you can advance the course of the game or your development. With gems you can:

  • Fill resources.
  • Elixir collectors, elixir drills and goldmines.
  • Unbalance resources for improvement and construction projects.
  • Buy protective shields.

There are different ways to generate gems within the game:


  • Gems boxes.
  • Clean up, so eliminate trees, shrubs and mushrooms.
  • Achievements.

From cheats, which promise you clash of clans free gems, you should rather leave your fingers. On the one hand, Supercell has no understanding of these illegal activities on your account and will block it quite quickly if they are aware of it, and on the other hand, viruses, trojans or other malware are often hidden behind such offers.

But if you diligently clean up the gems and use them carefully – that is, set clear priorities – you can do well, and you can even make a production slump or a development from time to time.

Tip 2: Trophy hunters or farmers ?! Goals in the game

In essence, there are three strategies to tackle the game:

  1. Farms to get as many resources as possible.
  2. Get trophies and climb into the leagues.
  3. Advance both equally.

There is no set-up in the game, so you need to concentrate. You can freely decide in which way the game will bring you the most fun. For many, it is fundamental to work on bringing the village to the maximum limits, ie, to raise all the troops and buildings to a maximum, others want to become the greatest hero of the best league and it is also very attractive to focus on completing the To build up achievements, which also add gems to you by the way. Since the big December update, the farms have unfortunately become a lot more difficult. Since you can constantly rebuild your base, you have ample opportunity to try out different strategies.


Tip 3: Protect the town hall & not upgrade too early

The Town Hall is the most important building in your village. If it is destroyed by the enemy, this has won. In addition, the number of buildings and their maximum level depends on the city hall. To elevate the town hall is very interesting from this point of view, but if you want farms, you should bring all the other buildings to their highest levels before improving the town hall.


Tip 4: Build you a good village

The village layout determines your success. With the editor you have a good tool to try out different bases. On YouTube, you’ll find countless examples of good bases, but it’s also fun to make your own build-up attempts and test the success.

  • Some pack their resource stores in the middle of the base and the town hall to the outside. The hope is that the attackers first work out at the town hall and then hardly get any resources. Be the last update, but you have to accept this strategy, that also lost some resources from the city hall.
  • For others, the town hall is the center of the village, located in the center and enjoys the highest protection. So you lose less trophies, but more resources.
  • The walls offer no protection from all troops, but they are nevertheless important elements of defense. You always have a bit too little of them and they will be more expensive with each level – the ghosts will split up whether it is worth bringing them to the maximum.


Tip 5: Protect elixirs in your absence

If you are not online, you will be attacked. Therefore, you should pay attention to the state of your resources and, in case of doubt, spend your treasures before they are stolen. You can even get the elixir very secure when you put your troop production into the queue. As soon as the armadoodle is full, you can still produce troops and the elixir is also deducted. But you can dismantle this queue at any time and get the elixir back.


Tip 6: Use your shield!

If your base is destroyed, you will receive a shield for a certain number of hours depending on the degree of destruction. During this time you can be absent and still not attacked. But if you attack others, the time of your shield will decrease. So it’s best to use the shield time and move your combat loss to later, because then you can use the time optimally for undisturbed resource gathering. If you want a little war, but do not want to destroy your shield, the Kobold villages are the means of choice. In these attacks, you can also gain resources and try out strategies for the offensive. By the way, you get 20 gems for the achievement Snap the Goblins when you win 150 stars in these wars.


Tip 7: Become a member of a clan

As a clan member you can:

  • To participate in Clankriegen.
  • Chat with other clan members.
  • Give each other troops.

Keep troops in your clan castle, which protect your base as an additional defense.You will always receive clan invitations from a certain level, and you can get into the group with one click or you can apply to clans that you find good. If a clan misses you, you can leave with a click again. In the clan wars, you have two attacks, and if your clan wins, you get a great reward.


Tip 8: Use the lab!

In the lab you can improve your troops and you should do that! It is worthwhile in any case, because they then become stronger and bear more damage, which is clearly noticeable in the fight. Time and resources could not be better laid out. You should build and use the lab and the magic factory as soon as possible!


Tip 9: Bring defense, collectors and memory to maximum

Your defense equipment should always be at the best possible level, as you will receive your resources and trophies. Because each development costs either gold, elixir or dark elixir, it is good if you initially focus on these buildings and then improve the defense systems. In principle, before you have conquered the next town hall level, you should have maximized your facilities to the maximum.


Tip 10: Get to know your troops

The higher you get the level of your barracks, the more troops you have to choose from. Later the units of the dark barracks are added. All your troops have exciting special abilities, need different places in the army camp, and generate different costs. It is fun to use these skills and combine the troops differently. Barbarians are the first and easiest troop, but very powerful and resistant. This is followed by the archer, the advantage of which is the ability to fence. Mages, Valkyrie, Pigs and the controversial dragon, or the powerful P.E.K.K.A. unit are just some of the many grandiose fighters you can get to know and use.